I have been involved in many forms of art since I was 5 years old. My art career started out with me drawing what I saw, whether it be my mom and dad sitting on the couch or the outside of my house. Thankfully, my mom saw talent in me even then, because she found ways for me to participate in local coloring contests.


Art education continued throughout grade school.  I was even published in a school art calendar in my 2nd grade. Even though my family didn’t always have the money to get me into every art class, my mom did find ways to obtain a spot for me in summer camps where I learned other forms of art including: vocal, poetry, drama, dance, and working with clay. During middle school and high school I took more art classes that taught me about perspective, the color wheel, light and shadow, basic drawing techniques, mixed media, and finally texture paintings.


In college I studied architecture, graduating with a Bachelor’s of Architecture in May of 2006. Since then I had been working in the field of architecture, doing my paintings on commission. However, with the down-turn of the economy my position with my architecture company was reduced. After a little push from my mom, I decided to use that time to focus on my art and build up my collection of paintings.


Throwing caution to the wind, I applied for and was accepted into a month-long art show at Joe Momma’s Pizza in Tulsa, Oklahoma, as a part of their continued salute to local artists. The show is scheduled to open April 6th, 2011.


I primarily paint mid to large-size abstractions on single or multi-panel canvas. Texture paintings continue to be a passion of mine. I love to play with depth, shadows, and the different effects of acrylic paint on fabrics. For me, painting is a beautiful expression of an idea or concept through the exploration of color media. I am continually thrilled when two people can look at one of my paintings, and by their own individual life experiences, see and feel something different.