by Amanda Gray in Miscellaneous

Thank you for visiting my brand new website! I’m VERY excited to have it up and running so I can share my art with you.  Make sure to visit my Bio page to learn more about me and how I got involved with painting, and sign up for my newsletter so you can keep up to date with my new works of art.


Beautiful work! My girls, 9 and 12 years old, thought your artwork was fantastic as well. Good luck to you on your art show!
The site looks great and your art is wonderful. Congratulations on the launch of something big. I know your dreams will come true. I've already shared with friends and I'm sure they will all agree how talented you are.
Ms. Gray's art is very beautiful. She is extremely talented. I now have two commissioned pieces hanging in my home; the three panel blue graffiti, which works perfectly in my living room, and a texture painting that brightens up my home office space. I look forward to owning more of her art in the future!
Congratulations on your new website! You're extremely talented and I have no doubt of your future success! I can't wait to get something put up in my home!
Love, Love, Love the art. You are so talented. I can't wait to see more and I will be sending your site to all my friends. Good luck and I am going to be sending a request for one to fit my home soon.
Wow. Nice site and wonderful art. Love your creativity and imagination. Good luck on your upcoming show!
Nice site Amanda!!! ;> You did a good job setting everything up, and the pieces look great! I hope I get a job soon and maybe I can purchase something to support my own starving artist!
L. Wilson
Your work is just beautiful. Good luck in your upcoming art show!

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