A. Gray's Art Journal

April Art Showing

A lot of my pieces are now on public display at Joe Mamma's in Tulsa, OK.  If you are in the area feel free to stop by and see them all up close and in person.  The artist showcase is April 6th from 5:00PM to 9:00PM.  There will be free beer or wine tasting starting around 6:00PM as well as a live band.  Stop by and talk with me personally about my pieces!  I love the opportunity to discuss what others see when they look at my art.
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Thanks for the continued support and have a great day!
-A. Gray


Kitkat said:

LOVE everything!!! And want it all! If only I had enough wall space. :) I Will be commissioning at Least one or more though for sure. Congrats on your upcoming Show at Joe Mamma's. Anyone who purchases one of your paintings will be extremely happy and will be getting a true work of art that can only go up in value as time goes by.

Monday, April 4th

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Saturday, August 19th

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Sunday, August 20th

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Monday, August 28th

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Sunday, April 15th

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